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Having the right infrastructure is integral to economic development. The White Paper includes a number of initiatives that aim to improve infrastructure in northern Australia.

Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

The Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) offers loans to 30 June 2021, totalling $5 billion in aggregate, to encourage and complement private sector investment in economic infrastructure that benefits northern Australia. This may include developments in airports, communications, energy, ports, rail and water. Loan tenors may be up to the longest term of Commonwealth borrowings.

Northern Australia Roads Programme

The $600 million Northern Australia Roads Programme (NARP) is funding high priority projects in northern Australia. The Australian Government announced projects to be funded under the Northern Australia Roads Programme throughout 2016.

Key roads to be upgraded include the Hann, Barkly, Flinders and Capricorn Highways in Queensland; the Great Northern Highway and Marble Bar Road in West Australia; and the Outback Way, Arnhem Highway and Keep River Road in the Northern Territory.

A full list of projects is available at the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website. 

Northern Australia Beef Roads Programme

The $100 million Northern Australia Beef Roads Programme is improving the resilience of cattle supply chains in northern Australia. The work is being delivered by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, supported by CSIRO’s Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TRANSIT). 

A full list of projects is available at the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website.

Northern Australia Infrastructure Audit

Infrastructure Australia has assessed the critical economic infrastructure gaps and requirements to meet projected northern Australia population and economic growth through to 2031. This report is about broader infrastructure gaps and requirements not a detailed project by project analysis.

Investing in rail and air services

The White Paper also provided funding for feasibility analyses into establishing new freight rail lines in northern Australia, additional support for the Remote Air Services Subsidy and an extension to the Remote Airstrip Upgrade Programme.